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Frozen Side Dish 吃货必看

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Mc Cain Triangle Potato patties 【450gm +-】

Mc Cain Tater Tots Potato 【400gm+-】

Mc Cain Smile Potato 【340gm+-】


RM 7.50Add to CartRM 7.50Add to CartRM 7.50Add to CartRM 12.90Add to Cart

EB Fish Roe Lucky Bag 鱼籽福袋

EB Fish Tofu 鱼豆腐

EB Fish & Yuba 金包鱼

EB Kyoto Yuba 京都腐竹

RM 11.90Add to CartRM 10.90Add to CartRM 6.90Add to CartRM 3.00Add to Cart

EB Tiger Prawn Roll 老虎虾卷

EB Mydaun Prawn Paste 虾滑

EB Golden Crispy Prawn Cake 虾排黄金甲

EB Golden Crispy Chips 黄金鱼肉片

RM 14.90Add to CartRM 10.90Add to CartRM 13.90Add to CartRM 7.90Add to Cart

EB Steamboat 5 In 1 火锅五宝

EB Lobster Ball 龙虾球

EB Korea Fish Strips 韩式鱼条

EB Crab Stick Roll

RM 10.90Add to CartRM 10.90Add to CartRM 6.90Add to CartRM 8.90Add to Cart

EB Cooked Fish Ball 鱼丸

EB Crab Nugget 北海翅

French Fries Shoestring 【1kg】

Chef ’s Excellence Sweet Potato【750gm】

RM 8.00Add to CartRM 8.50Add to CartRM 6.50Add to CartRM 18.00Add to Cart

Chef ’s Excellence Dipper Fries with Herbs【750gm】

Yoki Filament Stick 【250gm】

Yoki Fish Chip 10's【500gm】

Nikudo Thai Fish Cake 【500gm】

RM 10.00Add to CartRM 5.00Add to CartRM 12.00Add to CartRM 12.00Add to Cart
1 - 24 of 26

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